Year 2021, Volume 7 , Issue 1, Pages 64 - 74 2020-12-11

In recent years, there is increased awareness of conscious consumers about the fact that foods they eat are related directly to their health. In meat industry research and development, studies have accelerated to formulate healthier meat products formulations using plant sources as additive, which are also expected to improve the functional properties of the product. Pectin is a water soluble fiber with a structural complexity that occurs naturally in the cell walls of fruits and vegetables, contributes to reducing the risk of cancer, and has some health benefits. Gelation is the most unique property of pectin; it forms a gel in the presence of Ca2+ ions or sugar and acid. Pectin presents good water and fat binding property. Therefore, it can be used as a gelling agent, film/coating, and emulsifier and in low-calorie meat products as fat and /or sugar substitution (dietary fiber), as a natural component contributes to phosphate substitution and medical delivery systems in meat products. In this paper, it was aimed to discuss the physico-chemical properties, health implications of pectin and its potential applications in meat products. 
Pectin, Meat products, Gelling agent, Restructured meat, Low-fat products
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Application Date : September 18, 2020
Acceptance Date : October 22, 2020
Publication Date : December 11, 2020

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