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Celiac disease (CD) is one of the most common diseases related to nutrition affecting consumers all over the world. There has been a steady increment in the production of ready-to-eat meat products with rapid changes in dietary habits, urbanization, and globalization.  Despite this increase in manufacturing of ready-to-eat meat products, there is still a market demand present for gluten-free meat products. Since the only treatment for CD is a lifelong gluten-free diet, an undeniable need is present for meeting the nutritive demands of CD sufferers by improving the range of gluten-free products with both high nutritive and technological quality.  The present paper overall covers the CD and its impacts in connection with the development strategies for gluten-free meat product formulations. 

Gluten, Gluten-free diet, Gluten-free meat products, Celiac disease
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Author: Burcu ÖZTÜRK KERİMOĞLU (Primary Author)
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Author: Meltem SERDAROĞLU
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Application Date : October 11, 2018
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Publication Date : October 1, 2019

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